Savage Eternia- Avionians


Savage Eternia

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is where it all started for me. Sword wielding barbarians, magic, tech, powerful heroes, and evil villains. Oh, and the toys… those wonderful toys!


I’ve been kicking around an idea for an Eternian setting for a while now, and I wanted to present the first part of it. Creation rules to come in a future post, but it will utilize both the Supers Companion, the Sci Fi Companion, and the Fantasy Companion.

But first, I present to you one of the races of Eternia. The Avionians. This race was build using the Sci Fi Companion.

Savage Eternia- Avionians

Hailing from the City of Avion in the Mystic Mountains, the Avionians, also known as The Bird People seem to be evolutionary descendants of both birds and apes. While ape-like in body shape, the Bird People are deceptively light, having hollow bones and eyes adapted for flight. Their flight comes through their magical connection to The Egg of Avion.

Additional Action- Avionians have dexterous prehensile feet, that can be used similarly to hands, granting them an additional action per round.

Flight- Avionians can fly at their base Pace with a climb of 0.

Keen Vision- Their hawk-like vision grants them +2 to vision based Notice rolls.

Egg of Avion- If an Avionian’s magical connection to the Egg of Avion is severed, or if the Egg of Avion falls into the hands of Skeletor or another villain, the Avionian looses the ability to fly until their connection to the egg is restored.

Frail- Due to their hollow bones and light weight, Avionians suffer from a -1 to their Toughness.

Xenophobic- Highly mistrustful of other races and species, Avionians suffer from a -4 to their Charisma when dealing with other races.

Famous Avionians- Stratos, Delora, Hawke, Aeros, Syracu

Art by Gbagok,

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