Savage Eternia- Andreenids


While not native to Eternia, the Bee-like Andreenids are fierce warriors that guard their homes, Ambrosia Honeycombs, Ambrosia Fields and the City of Andreeno within the caverns of the Mystic Mountains. A proud race, they tend to keep their contact with other species minimal.

Compound Eyes- Andreeenids have compound eyes, providing +2 to vision based Notice rolls.

Exoskeleton- Andreenids are covered in a chitinous exoskeleton that provides +2 Armor.

Flight- Andreenids fly at their base Pace, with a Climb of 0.

Outsiders- Not native to Eternia, Andreenids suffer from a -2 penalty to Charisma.

Stubborn- As a proud race, Andreenids have the stubborn hindrance.

Famous Andreenids- Buzz-Off, Stingrad, Queen Andreeno

Art by Gbagok,


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