Savage Eternia- Caligars


Savage Eternia- Caligars

The Caligar are a race of massive lizard men that dwell in the underground lairs of Subternia. They are deadly warriors who have incredible strength and massive tails that can be whipped about with incredible speed and accuracy. The Caligar often use a variety of piercings and manicured horns to identify their clan status, including various designs through the ears and nose. An often overlooked aspect of the Caligar is the fact that they possess tremendous artists. Sections of their caves are adorned with massive bas-relief murals depicting great moments in both Caligar and Eternian history.

The Caligars aided the Council Of Wisdom in the Pre-Eternian times. They fought in the First Ultimate Battleground. A member of the Caligar race named Ceratin, served as one King Grayskull’s generals and later in the second Council Of Elders. The Caligar’s current leader is a great warrior named Ceratus who strives to better his people. However, Skeletor’s minion Whiplash is possibly the best known Caligar is Whiplash, who is the brother of Ceratus. Whiplash is considered a traitor to the Caligar race.

  • Scaled Hide- A scaled hide provides Caligars with +2 Armor.
  • Strong- Caligars begin with a d6 in Strength.
  • Low Light Vision- Subterranean living has caused Caligars to evolve Low Light Vision.
  • Tail Whip- Caligars can strike their opponents by attacking with their tail. The tail does Str+d6 damage, and has a Reach of 1.
  • Big- Size +1.
  • Honorable- The Caligars are an honorable warrior race. They do have the Code of Honor hindrance.
  • Environmental Weakness: Cold- Caligars suffer from a -4 penalty to resist cold based attacks, and cold based attacks add +4 to damage.
  • Racial Enemy: Speleans- -4 Charisma penalty when dealing with Speleans.
  • Ruthless- While Honorable, the Caligars are also rather ruthless, and will do almost anything to accomplish their goals, short of causing true harm to anyone unless directly opposed.

Famous Caligars: Whiplash, Ceratus, Ceratin

Art by Gbagok,



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